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About Bramhall Publishing

Bramhall Publishing was set up with a view to creating good quality illustrated children’s picture books with French/English parallel text.

The guiding principle behind the Little Wolf series is for children to absorb the language effortlessly, through the use of subtle repetition and strategic positioning of the parallel text, whilst the beautiful pictures draw them instinctively to the books. The numbering of the pages in words, rather than numerals, again in parallel, is an innovative feature of the books, providing another subtle layer of learning opportunity.

Most importantly, the books do not pretend toteach French, but rather to entice children to reach for French; the stunning illustrations are there to draw little minds in, and to invite the imagination to unravel the mystery of the words and pictures: they are an adventure in literacy. They can, of course, be enjoyed on several levels.

Our interest in languages at the early years level now embraces Scottish Gaelic. Please click here or see our ‘Gaelic’ tab for more information.

About the Author

The author, Jana Synek, graduated from King’s College, London with First Class Honours in French in 1992. The idea for the Little Wolf series was first conceived whilst teaching French to small groups of children; not finding sufficiently inspiring material for the very young, she decided to create her own.

About the Illustrator

Milena Synek, the author’s sister, is a talented young artist, whose illustrations for Où es-tu, Petit Loup?, the first book in the Little Wolf series, mark her début in children’s book illustrating.

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