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Little Wolf books in Scots Gaelic

We are excited to announce that our Little Wolf bilingual picture books will soon be available in English/Scots Gaelic dual language parallel text.

Our newest title, Wolves Everywhere!, leads the way, with its rugged Hebridean and coastal scenery in glorious full colour and many Scottish references and details, all contributing to the Gaelic atmosphere.

Our Scots Gaelic edition is supported by the Gaelic Books Council, Comhairle nan Leabhraichean.

Why Gaelic?

Enamoured of all things Scottish, and with Scottish ancestry evident in our family name of Herd, as well as our mother’s maiden name, Skyrme (meaning men of Skye) - even our father’s Czech name, Synek, insists on forming the word ‘Skye’ within its letters – we have long looked towards Scotland as a sort of spiritual home.

Watching with interest the increasingly fervent desire of the Scots to gain independence and to restore their cultural heritage, of which the Gaelic language is core, we have chosen to take our proven formula for teaching French using parallel text picture books, and create a Scots Gaelic version.

Gaelic & the Wolf

And if the above reasons were not enough to convince us of our new Scottish direction, we have been even more excited to discover a link between our beloved Wolf and Scotland - its Gaelic-speaking peoples in particular. It seems no small coincidence that the Wolf was wiped out in Scotland not so very long before a similarly cruel and concerted effort was made to drive out the Gaelic speaking population during the Clearances.

How thrilled we are, therefore, to make the further discovery that the renewed drive for the re-instatement of the Gaelic language coincides with the ever-strengthening debate on the re-introduction of the Wolf to Scotland. Could the Wolf himself, depicted as a beautiful and enigmatic creature in our books, become a symbol for Gaelicism itself? We would like to think so.

The Highlands and Islands provided the inspiration for Wolves Everywhere! and created a glorious pictorial backdrop for our story. Scottish references abound! For more details, or to order your copy, please visit our Catalogue page.

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